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Why the CDBS is so important for our health system

We were thrilled by the news that the Australian Government is continuing to fund the Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme through 2022. If you have kids, you may already know a bit about this programme, which helps ensure children aged between two and 17 can access basic dental services and treatment by providing financial assistance.

It’s an excellent scheme that ensures Australian children who may otherwise be unable to receive regular dental care can access high-quality dentistry in their local dental practice without travelling to the nearest public dental clinic.

Eligible kids can receive up to $1,013 that can be spent on specific dental treatments over two years. Children may qualify for this scheme if their family receives Family Tax Benefit A or another social security payment. Usually, eligible families are sent a Medicare letter, and all treatments are bulk billed, so there are no out-of-pocket payments.

The payments can cover the cost of dental check-ups and cleans and other essential services like root canal treatment, tooth extractions and fillings, fissure sealants, and dental x-rays. However, the scheme doesn’t cover orthodontic work or cosmetic dentistry.

If your child is eligible, we can help ensure they gain maximum benefit from this scheme.