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Amalgam/Mercury fillings expand and contract which increases the risk of cracks in the tooth structure or gaps around the filling.

Alternatively, metal-free fillings are designed to bond to the tooth, eliminate gaps and work with your teeth rather than pushing against them and cause damage.

A superior, long-term solution.

At Menai Dental, we only use metal-free fillings for our patients. Whether you need new cavities filled or old fillings replaced, you can count on our team to deliver the premium quality results you deserve.

We offer both metal-free fillings and CEREC fillings at our practice. Cerec fillings are BPA FREE and far more superior alternative to composite/plastic fillings. Ask us about Cerec Technology.

Reasons for Having a Filling Placed

We place a filling when decay caused by bacteria has eaten away at healthy tooth structure, creating a cavity. The longer these harmful bacteria remain in your mouth, the more damage that they cause.

You may already know from experience that cavities don’t typically stay the same size. Without treatment, they’ll continue to grow in size and damage your tooth further. Tooth decay can cause temperature and sweet sensitivity at first, and will eventually cause toothaches and can lead to a dental abscess or infection.

You may also have tooth decay and not even realize it. This is because typically no sensitivity is evident until the cavity reaches the second layer of tooth structure, where it then spreads more rapidly.

This is why we strongly encourage preventive treatments like dental exams and cleanings. Finding and treating decay allows us to stop it in its tracks and give you back your healthy smile. We may also recommend placing a filling on slightly cracked teeth or teeth with excessive wear.

Call today to make an appointment

Our goal is to help you enjoy the best possible oral health. The bottom line is that the sooner decay is removed and replaced with a filling, the better. Please give us a call to make an appointment for your next dental exam and cleaning. We’ll evaluate your oral health and make suggestions for treatment that meet your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!