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Making you comfortable

The fear of going to the dentist is not an uncommon sensation. In fact, it is a widely recognised phenomenon and has a number of special names: dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, and dental anxiety.

Many of our patients tell us that their fear of the dentist comes from a poor earlier dental experience.

At Menai Dental, our dentists are committed to providing you with the most comfortable experience possible. This is why we have a range of options to ensure a care-free experience.

Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas)

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as happy gas, has been used successfully in medicine as an anaesthetic since 1840. It is safe to use on most adults with no side effects. Patients regain full function only minutes after ceasing inhalation. Happy gas provides a relaxed, painless feeling throughout the treatment.​

Intravenous Sedation (IV)

IV sedation is a sedative commonly provided during dental treatment for patients who need extra care due to a phobia, nervousness or a medical condition. IV Sedation induces a state of deep relaxation. Time will appear to pass very quickly and you will not recall much of what happened as if you were asleep during the treatment. IV Sedation is a popular treatment option for patients who suffer from more severe anxiety and patients that require more extensive or multiple treatments in a single sitting.